- Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 18 - Maizuru Area

This week`s been way great. We were able to meet with a bunch of investigators, both with saying goodbye to Eddy Shimai and meeting MacKenzie Shimai.

I had to say goodbye to Eddy Shimai! Way sad! She taught me so much about how to teach investigators, diligence, and kindness. She was always thinking of our investigators, and we worked as hard as she could. She`s back in America now, and I`ll miss her!

MacKenzie Shimai is way cool! She was a professional ballerina, and was then introduced to the gospel 4 years ago. She investigated for 2 years, and then got baptized when she saw the age change because she knew she needed to go on a mission. Her ballet company`s head was really anti-Mormon though, and kicked her our when she chose to be baptized. Actually, she mostly lived in New Zeland, but because of ballet my companion was taught and baptized in the Melbourne, Australia mission. So maybe Dad knows some of the same people or served in the same Area! Way cool! She`s really good at loving people, following the spirit, and having faith that we can meet our goals. Sometimes it`s wierd though, being with someone 24/7 who speaks english differently than me. She says zed instead of z, gives the floor a vacuum, and gives people a ring when we call them. Things like that. :)

I was worried about our shigansha with the transition, but it turned out okay. We had a talk about baptism, and the mom decided she needs to study more, while the dad decided he`ll be baptized this Sunday still. They really want him to be able to baptize his daughter when she turns 8 in March. There were still a lot of commandments to teach, so it`s been a little stressful. We`ve taught a fair bit since then, but we still have to teach tithing to the family, so we`re a little nervous. Pray for him to be able to be baptized!

Love you all lots!
Williamson Shimai
My Ballerina Companion

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