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July 26 & August 2 - Osaka Area

July 26

This week not too much happened. We didn't have a lot of time. We had Zone Conference, District meeting, and Trainers Trainee Meeting in Kobe.
One thing I forgot to mention is, in Japan, if you hear a car playing music, it is not an ice cream truck. That is a garbage truck. Their garbage trucks play really cute little tunes.
My investigators from my last area got baptized this week! Wish I could have been there but it's a huge step :) way proud of them.
Yeah, but today we went to Koyasan, it was pretty cool. You get kind of used to them in Japan, but it's always fun to see all the foreigners hanging out.
Sorry, kind of a lame week report!
Sister Williamson

August 2

This week was a good week. Still mostly concentrating on finding. We had about half an hour on Friday and we ran into a young couple who seem GOLDEN - lots of interest, young, like the idea of God and said hey want to meet. The only obstacle right now is that we'd had a hard time contacting them, but they were so genuine in the contact that I'm not too worried yet.
We also found a guy who went to church in Boston - he opened the door and knew immediately who we were. It sounds like he had some doubts about Joseph Smith and liked coffee too much to join, but is willing to study again even though he "doesn't think he is going to change." We'll see if he does or not, but we'll never know what the spirit can do if we flinch at every obstacle. 
Our investigator T-San has been coming to church a lot recently. He's from Vietnam, but his Japanese is really good. He's really hesitant to join until he gets an answer, but is progressing pretty well. Has a lot of concerns about things like Adam and Eve.
We rededication the mission after our fast this last Sunday! Way cool experience, everyone basically found a quite spot in their area and said a prayer to rededicate it to the Lord. I'm not sure what blessings will come from it, but Welch Kaichou is really trying to push an attitude change along with it to hit a new level of success not seen in a long time. And I think we can do it. :) 
There was a giant fireworks festival this week too! It went too late for us to see all of it, but we got to see the first half with a member. :)
Yeah, this week's been really good.
Ok, another fun fact about Japan. We found Walmart. It's called Seiyuu here, and seems different at first, until you notice that it has a lot of international foods stocked around, and the baskets and check out screens literally just say Walmart. It is Walmart.
And we had an adventure (kind of) this week. My companion used the phone after church and then put it down and forgot about it. I thought she had the phone, so we blissfully went off on our way to dendo. (Missionary work) We discovered it's loss at around 9:07 in our apartment, and didn't really know what to do. We couldn't call anyone to ask, and leaving the apartment after 9 is breaking the rules, so we decided to hang out and run over to the church for excersice first thing the next morning.
Well, apparently the elders thought we died. We woke up around 11:15 to the elders at our apartment knocking to like make sure we hadn't vanished. (Which if you know anything about being a missionary, that's like a way dramatic thing. The only other time I've had that happen is when the elders wanted a church key because they were locked out of their apartment and had to sleep at the church) I feel like it was maybe a little too worried about us not answering for around 4 hours, but I guess it's nice to know if we do get kidnapped or something the elders will figure it out in no time flat.
I guess that's it for this week!
Press forward!
I love you guys!
Also go read The Call to be Christlike by elder Holland. I found it recently and thought it was way good.
Sister Williamson

PDay at Koyasan 

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