- Monday, September 29, 2014

2 Days

So, I gave up on the whole "not using a template" thing. I was finding the CSS for blogger rather difficult to work with. It wouldn't ever change anything, and just generally looked awful. Oh well. Instead I grabbed an existing template and spent a few hours editing it to perfection. My lovely sister Elsie says she likes it because the header makes it so "she can move mountains." :)

In bigger news, 2 days until the MTC. I've been marathoning Dr. Who, in a last ditch attempt to catch up on TV before I leave. I've been excited for this for so long, but now I'm actually really nervous. I'm packing up my room and buying last minute things. Hopefully I'll end up liking the MTC, but it doesn't really matter.

I found a picture of Osaka to share! I doubt where I'm going will look like this, but it's possible! Off I go!

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