- Thursday, October 16, 2014

MTC - Week 2

October 16th

This week we've really been focusing on teaching fundamentals, which means we don't have any investigators currently, which is way relaxing. We start back up on Friday though, so it's only a brief respite. Nihongo (Japanese) is coming a lot slower than we all would like, especially as we've been doing way less Nihongo this week. Our teaching workshops are mostly in Eigo (English) as there's a lot to learn and pack in, and our teacher wants to make sure we really learn it.

Our district has been hit by a menace - by means of the flirting flag. Basically, if anyone in the district is ever flirting, we wave a small imaginary flag. If it continues, the flag gets larger and larger until we start to "raise a flag" pulling up the strings and everyone salutes. The largest one we've come up with is when multiple people jump out of their chairs to "raise the flag of liberty" or something, like in the painting. Problem is, no one ever actually flirts, so it kind of became more of an obnoxious thing that happens whenever someone doesn't know what to say and wants to end the conversation or really whenever any Sister talks to an Elder ever. There have been one or two legitimate instances though, and that's been pretty funny.

The Elders got Christmas this morning apparently... They got woken up at like 5:30 by their Senpai and got led to a room or main area or something, WHERE THERE WERE GIFTS for them around a small LEGITIMATE CHRISTMAS TREE. Then one of the Elders burst out as Santa (Shaving cream beard, pillow belly, all red) and was like HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Apparently it's a tradition for the Churrotachi when the Senpai are about to leave. They got like Foosball games and mattress pads and stuff. Way funny.

My Camera broke - something about a lens error. I'm don't have Google, and nothing is working, so I think I'm going to find a screwdriver and just try to take it apart and fix it myself. It's already broken, so I have nothing to lose, right?

I've really been concentrating on truly converting to Christ. I always thought that I was "pretty good about church," not breaking any rules, attending, so on and so forth, but I've realized while I'm here that that's not true conversion. I'm really trying to improve my own weaknesses and fault to come closer to Christ, and think about myself less. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be the Lord's representative, and hopefully I will find those whose souls are ready to rejoin his fold and come back into his love, because his arms are always outstretched to welcome them back.

Williamson Shimai

Picture for Henry who loves "Avatar the Last Airbender"

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