- Thursday, October 23, 2014

MTC - Week 3

This week was pretty standard, but way fun! We had Godoy from the 70 speak to us, and he spoke in conference, so that's pretty cool! He talked about things you can do to be an AMAZING missionary. The important things he took straight from a scripture were 1. Repentance: Stay worthy 2. Work hard 3. Pray diligently 4. Have great faith. The talk, and points he made, were so good! You wouldn't know it from the professionalism at conference, but he was a character. He was making like a million jokes and he loves to mime little impressions. He would strut around stage and act out little scenes from stories he was telling, and it was super fun!

So honestly, I think Panganiban is going to be a general authority someday. He's crazy amazing and gives these powerful spiritual thoughts to our district all the time. Once, not knowing what I was getting myself into, I volunteered to be the "investigator" for a class example about caring for the investigator and asking inspired questions to identify their needs, but when I got up there it was clarified that by the investigator he meant just being myself. So we talked about issues and concerns I was facing at that point in time, and seriously, it helped so much. He shared some personal experiences and scriptures that helped me understand and resolved my concerns so much, it was like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. And when he talked to the class about it afterward, I don't think he was sure he even helped me at all. The spirit really spoke through him and helped me out.
So, sort of crazy experience, on Tuesday during personal study a messenger came and Panganiban invited (that was the wording, but it really means told) us to come to a demonstration at 1 and we'd have to eat lunch an hour early. So we did, and we walked in and WE we're the demonstration. Like we literally had a normal Japanese class, but with like 35 other MTC teachers watching. It was a little awkward, but not bad, and he says we'll be doing that once a week now. Seriously, I don't know how we got so lucky having him teach us.

So he's our main teacher, but we have others. Our teachers (in order of frequency they appear) currently are Taylor Kyodai, Crandell Kyodai, and Black Shimai. Taylor is my and my companion's coach, which means he's been sitting in on our investigator lessons and then helps us improve our planning and stuff. He's a way happy person, but also jokes around with us a bit. I think he's also an amazing teacher, and I'm super glad he's our coach. Crandell is way cool, and like fresh off his Mission. I think he went to Tokyo. Black Shimai was our first investigator, and she's way sweet. Basically we have the best teachers in the MTC.

We got to host this week! Basically that's welcoming people to the MTC and helping them get their stuff, find their room, and taking them to their classrooms. Except they didn't assign enough sisters to help out this week, so I would have to escort 2 at a time. I was crazy tired after because their suitcases were like ridiculously heavy! It was way fun to be able to welcome those sisters though! It was a little weird to think that most of the sisters I escorted would be leaving before I'm even close though.

It's been way fun being around Elder Neilsen and seeing Sister Coldesina around. Audree got in yesterday, so maybe the three of us USU sisters will bump into each other at the same time. Keeping my eye out for her!

Anyways, love you all! Talk to you next week!
Williamson Shimai

General Authority Godoy

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