- Sunday, November 23, 2014

MTC - Week 6

Thanksgiving soon - crazy!!! Apparently they usually do a big service project at the MTC. Way exciting, since our service usually just consists of cleaning the MTC.

This week was a little crazy. For one thing, it is snowing RIGHT NOW. Everything is getting colder... :/

I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting this week. How they do sacrament here is a little different. There's a topic (MTC-wide) that the speakers give on every week, and then you meet in your Zone (35-50 missionaries for us, right now closer to 35) where they will announce who is speaking right after they pass the sacrament. Then (hopefully you're prepared) you give your talk in your mission language. That's Japanese. It only has to be like 5 minutes though, and you can give quotes/scriptures in English. And this week it was my turn! I gave a talk on how the spirit is necessary for missionaries, and how we can work on improving that connection.

Nielsen Chouro gave a musical number on a cello "If you could hie to Kolob." Seriously pretty, he's amazing on that Cello.

Thanks for sending the Vegemite, the Australian Elders are in love.
They put it on their bagels.
With cream cheese.
It might be the grossest thing I've ever seen.
When my doryou tried a little bit on a roll she actually started crying a little because it was that gross.

The teachers decided it'd be good for our class to get another investigator, so now we're teaching 1-2 times every day. Our planning hour can get hectic.

We also Skyped with real Nihonjin for the first time this Wednesday! It was way cool, though a little scary and I'm sure we sounded super basic. We got a member from Nagoya, we LOVED talking to her. She had the sweetest testimony of Tithing.

And here's the craziest thing that happened this week. On Wednesday, Panganiban Kyoudai comes in when class starts and tells us to be in another room for an hour with some supplies, because we're going to be recorded in our lesson.
Like, what?
So we head over there, and it's in the basement of one of the main buildings, right past the cubicles for all the teachers. They bring us to this pretty average sized room, and it's set up with these bigger tables with microphones in the center (Set up as usual, semicircle) and Panganiban Kyoudai is hooked up to a mic and they're setting up these bright lights in the front of the room and everything is intimidating. There are these 2 guys with really nice cameras walking around and zooming in on anything that's happening. Apparently we're helping make some teacher training videos, to help teachers figure out how the class is learning by watching the missionaries learning or something. We spoke mostly Japanese, so they're going to subtitle it and everything. So if anyone ever becomes a teacher in the MTC, they might have to watch a video of me asking dumb questions and mispronouncing my Japanese, haha.

At the MTC, I've really been realizing the importance of prayer. I always kind of figured we prayed because we were supposed to show gratitude and that we were thinking of Heavenly Father and everything, but it never really hit me how much he loves prayers, how he wants us to tell him about our lives in prayers, and how much the simple act of praying can bless us, the activity we're performing, and invite the spirit in. So seriously - always have a prayer in your heart. It's a way of thinking, not just an action.

Love you all at home lots!
Sister Williamson

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