- Sunday, November 23, 2014

MTC - Week 7

This week's been pretty standard. I wake up, exercise, study, eat, study, est again, study, sleep. There are fun moments, but everything is largely the same.

Yeah, we got an inch of snow last Thursday. An inch. So it sounds like it's a lot colder in Boise for once in the history of the universe. I'm actually really fine, temperature-wise.

I did sealings in the Temple for the first time last Thursday. So that was cool.

Hopefully I'll be able to email again next week, but I think they're taking our last P-day away for Thanksgiving. Apparently there's a huge humanitarian project planned, a huge meal, an apostle is (finally) going to speak to us, and we'll get to watch Meet the Mormons. So it actually sounds like a way fun day, but I may not have very much time to pack.

Williamson Shimai
Got a pic with Panganiban! (No, that is not Sands Shimai's hand on Panganiban. Just trust me.)

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