- Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December 14 - Maizuru Area

I`m pretty warm, my coat could be better, but I haven`t really seen much here. This area`s super cold, and we`ve had snow several times. It`s a struggle to keep warm sometimes, but I have gloves and tights and earwarmers so it`s not too bad.

This week was a really hard Dendo week, a lot of our investigators called in and cancelled appointments because apparently a few people died this week. No good. :( So we did a lot of housing, and it is SO COLD. We also got hardcore rejected by a lot of people, and the vast majority of people we visited were not home. But we pushed through it, and, mini miracle, once when we were feeling really down, me and my companion said a prayer that we would be guided to people who were ready to hear the message. After that, I felt like we should turn back, and we felt good about an apartment building. We housed into an apartment with some really cute kids and the Mom seemed really interested in our message, and said we could come back! (No one ever schedules appointments though, so hopefully we can show up when she has time) We`re going to try to visit her today, so hopefully that goes well. :) Right after that, the next apartment we housed into, the lady there said she wanted to study our religion with us! (She also pretty much asked us for a Book of Mormon, she asked if we had anything for her to read, but we didn`t have any with us that day... we`ll bring her one later though!) I know that we were led to these people, and I hope I`m able to help them feel the spirit in their lives and discover the goodness and truth of the Gospel.
Our ward members are really strong, and they always agree to come to lessons with us if we have time. Every week, one of the couples invite us over to their house and we have FHE with them and share a thought. Way fun.
We teach/help with eikaiwa (english) classes twice a week. They`re way fun. One is the one we teach, and the other one is where we go to a community center place and help out a teacher. I love teaching them so much!
Once when we were housing a random Lady seemed really excited that we were Christians let us into her house and gave us seriously like a 15 minute tour of one of the most Buddhist houses I have ever seen. Super pretty, and she had like big separate rooms for tea ceremonies, and shrines, and all sorts of stuff. She wasn`t very interested in our message, but she was super nice.

This Sunday, our branch decided to combine and have church with another branch 2 hours away for some reason. There was a potluck that we made cookies for, and it was super fun, but it took almost all of our Sunday dendo time and none of our investigators were able to attend church, so it was a little hard. 

I`m glad for this opportunity to strengthen my faith here. I hope you can all feel the truth of the gospel, and are consistently studying the Scriptures. God will help us in our lives if we let him, but we have to listen and follow his will. I love you all!
Sister Williamson

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