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December 21 - Maizuru Area

Tell Henry there`s like 2 different types of cereal you can buy here, and that`s it. I wish I could have some of those like peanut butter cheerio`s or something, but I buy this really nice flake fruit one, and it`s pretty nice.

It`s super pretty, definitely can appreciate it. I`m working on getting a warmer coat, but it`s been hard to find anything so far. I`m fine because I layer the sweaters and coats I do have, but hopefully I can find something at the sister closet at the mission home, where sisters leave their clothes they don`t want, on Christmas.

For Christmas, we`ve been handing out a bunch of He is the Gift video links. It`s a way good video. I`ve been thinking a lot about Christ too, and how he can strengthen us and support us through every trial we have.

Mom, if you would send some recipies that you like, it would be awesome. Up to like 40 mins to prepare is fine (including prep and baking time) Basic ingredients are best though, we can`t get fancy things here. (like graham crackers or cream cheese apparently) We`ve been able to make french toast and breakfast burritos and things, though. I`m making tomato bisque from my recipe book this week,

This week was way great! We were able to teach a lot more lessons than last week, so I was able to practice teaching more (though that`s going to drop significantly again because no one can meet Christmas week). I can tell my Japanese has been improving, I can understand a lot more this week than last week, though when I speak I`m pretty sure it sounds like I`m forcing sentences through a blender, trying to cram all the grammar together where it doesn`t go.

We got a new investigator next week! One of the two PI`s we found last week! She`s been meeting with us, and accepting things way well. Teaching her is way fun. She has this dog that she has to be with 24/7 though, so we don`t know how we`re going to get her to church.

Tuesday was my lovely companion`s birthday! We made lemon bars on Preparation-day, and the members brought this yogurt thing to eikaiwa and surprised her.

At our zone meeting, we got these new phones that we`re still figuring out how to use. There`s no map or train time on these anymore, so finding things is becoming crazy hard. Ah, well. It was way fun because I got to see one of my MTC buddies, Kiki Chouro. But on the way back on the train, we got confused, missed our stop, and rode pretty far into another area. Oops! We we`re able to get everything figured out though, but we were pretty much dying of hunger when we got back.

Saturday we visited a member who isn`t able to come to church because she lives in a nursing home. She was so amazing! She can`t speak anymore, so she just gestures with her hands, and she was so excited to see all of us. We sang Christmas songs together, and it was such a great experience. Then we helped a member clean the church. It took the 3 of us 45 minutes, so I`m glad we were able to help her shorten the time. It`s amazing how much these members in small branches contribute to the church. One person might teach Sunday school, invite us to their house to share a thought with a less active for FHE, help us with lessons a few times a week, take us to our english classes, and then clean the church with us. All in the same week. We don`t really do anything in our wards in comparison!

And to everyone, Merry Christmas! Remember that it is Christ we can count on through our life. He never gave up in order to help us in his life, so we should try our hardest to stick with him. I know that as we do that we can feel more happiness and peace in this life.

Merry Christmas everyone!

My Futon

Cleaning our Futons.  First you let them sun outside, then you beat
the dust out of them with a whacker! Bam!

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