- Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December 28 - Maizuru Area

Maizuru is full of old people and Jiatai - which is the navy. Because of that, sometimes we`ll run into Americans working there who don`t speak any Japanese and have confidential jobs that they won`t tell us anything about. It`s a mix of classes. We have some poor people and some really rich people. Most people are pretty well off. Most neighborhoods are really old though haha.

Christmas preparation was way fun. One of the Elders didn`t get a package from his parents in time, so the mission home had us do a little bit of Christmas shopping for him. We ding-dong ditched it and ran! Pretty sure he thinks it was a member ;)
We did a white elephant exchange at eikaiwa, and a lot of the class members brought their grandchildren! Way fun!

Then we went to a Christmas Meeting! We had Costco hot dogs there, and they were delicious. We watched a fun Christmas video too!

Then my companion got really sick... And at the same time, two elders in our area, going on an exchange, left the apartment keys with another elder and got locked out of the apartment. So I was making a lot of phone calls trying to figure things out. I probably stayed up until 11... which is crazy for a missionary, okay? :) The Elders ended up spending Christmas night sleeping at the church (we tried to give them a futon mattress but messed up and only gave them the blankets), and Eddy Shimai was told to sleep in and go to a hospital tomorrow. Which, by some miracle, the elder sent here on an exchange was Japanese! And can speak hospital Japanese! Seriously, he saved our lives.
So we spent a lot of time indoors recovering, which I used to write a sacrament talk. Pretty sure it didn`t make any sense, and the members said something about it to me after, but I had no idea what they were saying, so yeah... haha

Also, we have so much food now. Like, seriously, so much. I bought milk and cereal this week for groceries. Everyone has been giving us food, and it is the best thing ever.

I committed our investigators to the Word of Wisdom, and even though it`ll be a struggle for them, they accepted! I know that by living it, they will be able to feel the spirit greater in their lives and grow their testimony even more!

This week, I`ve been trying to improve my personal prayers. Heavenly father really loves communicating with us, but in order to access prayer`s full potential, we need to make sure we`re asking sincerely for blessings that we need, and listening for guidance that enters our mind and our heart while we`re praying. Sometimes, we should just say a prayer of thanks for the blessings we`ve been given.

Love you all lots!
Williamson Shimai

​Someone owns this really cool Buddist place right in back of our apartment.

Frozen is still big in Japan - Frozen eggs!

​My new warm coat!
 I think it makes me look like I`m one of those people from Brother Bear.

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