- Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 4 - Maizuru Area

Glad to hear New Years was fun!

This week was a little slow - New Years means everyone is cleaning! Even so, we`d had a really hard time getting new investigators and lessons recently. We`ve been trying to work on our approaches and stuff, but it`s hard...
But our shigansha (that`s investigators with a baptismal date) are doing way well! The mom had a day off from work for New Years, and so their whole family was able to come to church together for the first time! It went way well, and they are really connecting with the members. We got some members to invite them over for FHE too, so everything is looking awesome!

By the way, the members are awesome. They invited us over to eat a bunch of times last week. New Years, FHE, and Sunday. I had crab for the first time, it was way fun and yummy!

It snowed a lot! This week we had to ditch our bikes, buy snow shovels, and try to dendo by helping people. Except for Japanese people hate when you help them, so we basically have to ignore them for the first minute or so and then when they realize they can`t actually stop us from helping they`re grateful

New Years was this week! Happy 2015 everyone! Everyone should make a spiritual goal along with their other goals, to really try and improve their connection with their Heavenly Father in some way.

Love you all!
Sister Williamson

Fancy Cake

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