- Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1 - Maizuru Area

This week was a little hard. We`re teaching more lessons than we ever have before (12 this week!), and we`re seeing some progress, but a lot of our investigators are using their agency in ways that are sad... One of our investigators says she believes the church is true, but even if she knew it 100%, she wouldn`t get baptized. She`s a Buddhist, and she will not change. We also have a less active (S) who had an argument with the branch president or something a few months ago and has been holding a hatred of the church since then. I just want them to be able to open their hearts!

The hardest rule in the white handbook has proven to be... The no holding babies rule!!!! People just keep trying to hand us kids! The hardest time has been when I was talking to an investigator who was holding a 2ish year old kid, and the kid finally decided we were friends (I`ve met him 3-4 times) and stretched out like kids do when they want to change who was holding them. When he realized I wasn`t going to grab him he looked so dejected. It broke my heart!

We`re almost teaching more Filipinos than Japanese at this point. While visiting a less active, we heard some sounds from next door, and felt like we should knock there. It was a Filipino mom who let us in! We`ve started to teach her, and her kids some. Except they`re so crazy! We couldn`t get them to focus on anything! They kept running around and eating food and playing video games. Ah, well. We`re praying to build a primary, so I guess that`s what that means for us. :)
We were housing, and when we were almost finished with a building, we knocked on a door, where this lady walked right out to talk to us. She said she used to be Christian, but a lot of her family has died and she slowly fell away. We started to share a message, but she interrupted us and told us she was actually really busy right then. We both though she had no interest, but we asked if we could say a prayer for her before we left. When we finished, we looked up and she was crying! She said she`s really missed that, and wants us to visit again. Yay!

That investigator (Y) from last week turned really bimio (sketchy, could go either way) She didn`t show up to the appointment and didn`t answer when we tried to visit again. Hopefully she just forgot or something.

We have a less active who I`m pretty sure doesn`t understand she`s less active. She loves meeting with us, and is really receptive, I just don`t think she understands that church is actually important. That`s a really big problem here actually, a few of the less actives have a really strong testimony, but don`t understand why they can`t just follow the gospel by themselves.

T family is as genki as always!

Sometimes we visit this random american less active we found while housing. He doesn`t really have interest, I`m pretty sure he was actually tricked into being baptized in the first place so he could play basketball with his friends at the church. Which is not a good thing. But anyways, he always invites us to things so we can "try to convert people or something" It`s pretty funny. I`m pretty sure he just enjoys having people to speak English to, but who knows? He could come back. :)

Love you all lots!
This gospel is true! I`ve seen so many miracles in the last few weeks! I know I`m led by the spirit, and I know that God loves and helps all his children, which is all the earth!
Williamson Shimai

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