- Monday, February 23, 2015

February 8 - Maizuru Area

This week has been really weird. Every single appointment that we`ve had to teach investigator`s was cancelled, so we did a lot of finding and found some potential investigators. Ah, well. You win some, you lose some. In the process we found some more Filipinos to teach! Haha We`ve been joking about starting up a Filipino branch in Maizuru, because we run into so many. We just want to tell each of them individually that a lot of Fillipinos show up to church and invite them on a specific Sunday, and have them all come on one day, think it`s normal, and keep coming. Forever. It could happen.

We were out of the area a lot this week, and we`ll be gone even more next week. This week was interviews with the mission president! And then zone conference. Zone conference is the best, I always learn so much that I can improve in my dendo. But it`s hard, because the trains are so rare that it takes a lot of time to travel there and back. We`re gone from 7 - 4:30!

We ran into some trouble this week... Nothing too big. We found this guy while housing who had apparently been taught a lesson before, had been given a restoration pamphlet, and read it. He wasn`t super interested at the time, but when we came he said he`d like to hear more. We scheduled an appointment with him (and we`d bring the Elders and pass him off to them of course), but when we figured out the train times for Zone Conference it turned out we couldn`t make it. So we left him a note that we`d have to reschedule. So on Thursday he called us and said he was with a friend and he`d like to meet NOW. We called the Elders but they didn`t think they could make it. We were 5 minutes away, so we thought we could just probably show up and apologize and try to reschedule (or if the friend was a girl we could teach them or something). Well, we should have just called him or something, because he was not happy with us. And there was no friend. He kept yelling at us and telling us that we lied to him told him we could come in, and that he wouldn`t tell anyone if we came in for like just 2 minutes, using really strong Japanese, and stuff like that. It was kind of scary. He also kept asking us to drink coffee (like 7 times) and didn`t think we were being serious when we told him we couldn`t drink it. Well, when this started we called the Elders and told them they needed to come, so they were able to show up pretty quickly (with a less active they randomly picked up on the way, somehow, who said he wasn`t surprised to see the Elders because he dreamed that he would meet them...) and we got out no problem. But he kept trying to hand the Elders beer first...

Hopefully that`s okay to send you. Sometimes people don`t email their parents the sketchy things that happen, but I just don`t want you to be worried that things are happening that I`m not telling you about. It wasn`t a big deal at all really, but it was super sketch. But the Lord protects his missionaries and definitely keeps us away from harm!

Love you all lots!
Sister Williamson

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