- Monday, February 23, 2015

February 15 - Maizuru Area

This is my last week of training!!!
But if they make me train or something like that next transfer I might die. Just saying. Japanese is going okay. I pretty much understand people if they`re talking about the gospel, which is pretty good. Any personal experiences get hard though. I try to read one of the passages from the Children`s section from the Liahona every other day or so in Japanese. The stuff like "Mary loved smiling. She smiled at everyone. But on Sunday Mornings she was really tired, because she has to walk far to church." Or even simpler ones like "God loves everyone. He is your friend! He loves Children! He said all children can go into Heaven" That`s pretty much my Japanese ability right there.

Last P-Day was the best! So for a week, all the Elders had been telling everyone they`ve seen a bear behind their house. Which we thought was a really interesting lie. They had a video with "proof" from when they were in the woods, but there was nothing on the video. They`ve been telling everyone! So we got them to promise they`d get a real picture, but they never did. They told us they would show us it`s hole on P-day. We`re pretty sure this is a lie, so we agree. On P-Day, we trek through the snow, up this steep mountain, and they point us to a hole. That is a foot deep. No bear. And then they tell us they`ll show us the "real spot". They tell us to get really quiet, and tiptoe their way to... a park. Where they promptly tackle a rocking child`s toy bear thing. Yeah. There is no bear.

It snowed like crazy this week! We spent a long time just helping people shovel. The snow came up to my knees!

And then I spent a lot of time in Kobe! We had Elder Aoyagi speak to us! I learned so much. Especially that I need to stress less about being the perfect missionary, and trust that the lord can use me even with my imperfections. Then a Koukan then Trainers training meeting, where I got to see my douki! (the people who left the MTC with me!) It`s been a really busy week!

Love you all!
Sister Williamson

On a Bear Hunt

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