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February 22 - Maizuru Area

Things are crazy. This week is bringing a lot of change.
So transfer calls came in. Me and MacKenzie Shimai are no longer companions. So far, I`ve kept every companion I`d had for one transfer only. We call that gypsying. (Usually gypsying areas but yeah) Things aren`t as crazy for me as for one girl I knew in the MTC. She changed both companions and areas for her first three transfers, and is now training on her fourth transfer.
But anyways, me and MacKenzie Shimai are both leaving Maizuru. They`re closing Maizuru Sisters. It`s gonna be rough on a lot of our investigators, and on the chourrou probably, because they`ll have to both build up the relationships again and try and meet at times members can come. I trust the Elders in our area though, so I`m sure they`ll do amazing with our investigators. Because we have some AMAZING ones. Right now we have 10, and 8 of them are progressing. And they are all so sweet and amazing. I`m praying so hard that the transition will go smoothly, and none of our PI`s will get lost.
So that`s not all! MacKenzie Shimai is transferring to Sister Training Leader, so she`s freaking out a little bit. And I`ll be in her new District! So I`ll see her every week at Trainings and Koukans!
Annnd.... My next companion is Japanese! Her name is Nara Shimai. She probably doesn`t speak English. That`s all I know about her. It`s exciting, but also a little scary. I think my Japanese will improve a lot, but I hope we`re able to understand each other!
So a lot of change hit us today. We`re spending today cleaning the apartment so that they can close it.

This week has been amazing though! We`ve taught more lessons than we ever have before - 14. Maizuru really is growing so much, and I`m a little sad I can`t help our Branch for longer. This week we definitely saw some miracles.
At Eikaiwa, a new girl, S showed up. She was 20, and loves English. She found the class on her own, and called the Elders to give her directions. We talked to her, and set up an appointment to teach more English, and she said she would like to hear our message too! We met her 2 days later at a shop. She was so fun to talk to, and responded to our message REALLY well. S told us that about two years before, she probably wouldn`t have listened, but because of recent trials she`s been through, she`s a lot more receptive. Her brother is also interested in the gospel, but he`s studying for a test (this is a really stressful month for Japanese people) She`s gonna get baptized for sure.

And we helped a lot of Members this week! We heart attacked a bunch of them, and made a zumba routine to help Amano Shimai with her old people excessive stretch class. She had us introduce ourselves and share what we were doing and why we chose to go on a mission. This is at her job! She really has no fear.
We visited Houki Shimai`s mom with her. She used to be really opposed to the church, but she`s coming around now.

I GOT 2 FLATS 2 DAYS IN A ROW. And they cost 15$ to fix each, which is ridiculous. So I went out and bought myself a tire fixing kit. I`m pretty sure dad would be proud of me.

We randomly visited a less active as she was... teaching an English class! Way funny. They were really excited to talk to us, and asked us why we thought our church was different from Buddist Shrines and stuff like that. We were able to testify on how important Christ is to us.

Also, we tried to visit a member who lives really far and so doesn`t really get visits. And... we got horrendously lost. In the middle of nowhere. The most country area you`ve ever seen. Ah well, I would say next time but...

AND WE HAD ZONE CONFERENCE. It was really cool. Our mission president and his wife and the AP`s and the Branch Presidents all came and it was so good! We talked about working hard at the language and finding and the Book of Mormon and that sort of thing. Kobe mission is the best!

Our investigator, Y, from before, who was so excited to receive a Book of Mormon, we were finally able to contact her again (and get a phone number this time!!!) She`s been reading it! She says it`s interesting because it has more stories than the bible and it`s easy to understand. Since then, she`s been texting us pretty regularly. High hopes for her!

Anyways, sorry, don`t have too much time this week! Crazy! Wish me luck in my new area with Sister Nara!

Sister Williamson

Scary looking fish. I had to eat one...

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