- Monday, March 9, 2015

March 2 & 9 - Izumo Area

March 2 Post
Izumo city!
Having a Japanese companion has been both fun and really hard. Obviously the language is hard, but we`ve also gotten into some pretty nasty fights that all start from wording a sentence in a way thats normal in English but offensive in Japanese, or vice versa. Not fun. But Sister Nara is really sweet.

I got a pretty nasty cold this week - the last day in my area. I had a fever and just had to pretend I wasn`t sick because I wanted to see everyone. I still have a cough, but I`m better now. But everyone in Izumo thinks I sound like a frog and can`t sing.
Love Sister Williamson

March 9 Post
Hey! Things are crazy! We had a lot of things we had to do today (we`re about to go to the doctor for my companion) so I have about 4 minutes I can write you. I`m sorry! I really have a lot to write about, but I can`t...
I love you all so much at home! Thanks for the updates, I love them! And thank Sister Day for emailing me. I feel bad I haven`t been able to respond yet.
This transfer has been really hard. My new companion is very sweet, but sometimes very controlling. She gets angry really easily, especially if I ask the district leader or STL`s anything. It`s really been a trial trying to balance that and keeping a good companionship going. I`ve been learning to try and avoid any disagreement to any extent unless I absolutely need to say it... But my Japanese is improving.
You`ve been paying my credit card, right? Today I bought an electronic dictionary, it`ll help a lot I think. Speed gets to be pretty important sometimes, and I can understand the flow of lessons and things a lot easier. Also, if you could pay 1 dollar of tithing for me, that would be awesome :)
I`ll answer all of Dad`s questions next week, sorry!
We`re actually doing well in Izumo. My companion got sick, so we weren`t able to this week, but they`ve been teaching 20 lessons a week and have 3 people committed to baptism. One of them is in 2 weeks. We just taught him Tithing and Word of Wisdom and he had no problems, which is really rare! Super cool! sorry, I have 2 mins to write my mp! Love you!

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