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March 16 - Izumo Area

Okay, I've been awful updating.  I am repenting and will do better.

March 16

How is the branch? 
Really good! Lot`s of strong members, and they`re all really sweet! The president is American, and there are a lot of brazillians. One of the Elders is Brazilian, and he teaches a lot of lessons in Portugese.

How many people show up to church? 
There`s probably around 40 who show up every week.

Where do you meet? 

Do you know the Hymns in Japanese?
Not memorized, but I can read/sing them if they`re not really fast.
Do you have any investigators?
WHY DO YOU THINK I DON`T HAVE INVESTIGATORS. EVERYONE HAS INVESTIGATORS. I have three who have committed to be baptized. We`re a bit low on others at the moment, because my companions been sick so we haven`t been able to meet with them or follow up or find new ones as much as we should. She might get sent home...

Do you have any super cool families that take care of you like the last place?
Not to the same extent. There are family`s who love us and feed us but not consistantly and they`re more scattered.

How big is this city?
It`s larger than Maizuru but seems smaller because there are more random rice fields and stuff. So wider, but more of a small town feel.

Are you riding a bike?
Yep. Everyone rides bikes in this mission. But the last sister accidentally took my bike key, so I`ve been riding this really rusty bike with one gear and the light is broken and the basket doen`t have a bottom. For some reason the elders really love it and want it back. But I got the bike key back on Friday, so my new bike is fine and doesn`t have problems except a weird tendancy to turn left.

Have you tried the famous soba noodles? 
Nope. No one talks about them. Didn`t know they were famous.

Do you get to visit things like the famous Taisha Shinto shrine?
Now that, I`ve heard of. We`re planning on it, but we`ve been way busy. We`ll probably go when the sakura trees bloom and everything becomes really pretty.

What do you do on P-Day? 
Go to the doctors office. Buy things. Fight. (Okay, that was today but we`re better now)
It hasn`t been exciting lately.

What is your exercise routine?  That's new since I was a missionary.
You didn`t have excersise time? I run every once in a while, not here yet though. I do sit-ups, push-ups, planks, stairs, ect. Probably not super great at it though.

Has your diet changed in this area?  Do you eat more rice?
No, Nara Shimai loves rice but doesn`t actually care what she eats so usually I just end up making 2 of whatever I want. Which isn`t usually rice. But no, my diet is the same.

Are you still on a bike?  Can you send me another picture of you and your bikes?  The last selfie was great, but you could barely see the bikes. 
Mmmmm... maybe...

Do random people come up and touch your hair?  (Remember, we heard that blonde hair was a novelty in Japan?)
Not random people. Usually just kids who I`ve been talking to. Not too often. I do get asked if it`s dyed though. I think everyone thinks I dyed it.
WOOO BAPTISM! And yay for Ramona! Love you guys!

Izumo-taisha is one of the most ancient and important Shinto shrines in Japan.

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