- Sunday, May 3, 2015

March 23 - Izumo Area

This week, something special happened. We got our iPads!!! They called
a big meeting, our zone met up, and they handed us our iPads and we
started setting up. They've been so useful. We've been able to use
videos to contact, carry one device instead of 7, look at family
history and show that to people, help them with their own (did you
know we can link our family tree all the way to Adam and Eve? And
we're descendants of Ceaser apparently...) (a member here wanted to
see how far back we can go, because Japanese people often have only 2
or 3 generations filled in) It's particularly fun to be able to watch
Mormon messages during lunch. :)

We can also make flash cards on there and... Write our families!!! I
am allowed to read emails from people any day of the week, but not
write back until Monday, sorry. But feel free to update me whenever!
In a few weeks I will be using Facebook, but please do not try to
contact me there! I will not be allowed to respond through anything
other than this email.

I got your Easter presents! Thank you so much! Sister Nara doesn't
know much about how we celebrate Easter so I hid some of her candy and
made her go on an Easter egg hunt. She doesn't think it's a very nice
holiday I think haha. But she loved the candy... Even though this week
was the week she decided to go on a diet. She ate the entire duo pack
in 2 days haha. We accidental opened it early, for some reason we
thought last Sunday was Easter haha. But once we figured it out I
stopped eating all the Easter themed food. And Girl Scout cookies are
the best! Also, I love all the pictures of grandma! :)

We had a huge conference this week. Elder Nelson came (I got to shake him and his wife`s hand) and spoke to us about their vision for doing missionary work through technology, hastening the work, and of course, obedience.  The meeting was so spiritual. I felt especially strongly that the Lord really is directing the church and the work. This change isn`t because the apostles thought about it and decided that this would help missionary work. This change came because the Lord told his apostles that we should be using I-Pads, and now they`re implementing it. That wasn`t said, but I felt it.

We had a baptism this week! S-san! I`ve only been able to teach him for around 4 weeks, but it`s been like 9 or 10 lessons. It`s crazy, he was so prepared. They found him housing, and he listened and let them come back. He`s accepted every invitation, and beleives it all. He didn`t have any problems with titihing, and didn`t have to change any habits for the word of wisdom. He doesn`t have any super strong friends at church yet, but he still shows up. He does`nt talk much (mostly grunts and really mumbly hard to understand Japanese). His prayers are always one sentance. He`s pretty old, and never married. He plays shougi (a japanese game like chess) for 4 hours every night. He looks so unlikely to be prepared. But he definitely was. Crazy great investigator!
Other than him, I haven`t been able to do too much missionary here. We`ve had a lot of trainings in far places. It takes away around 2 days every week... and on top of that my companion`s been sick a lot so we either haven`t been able to work or are taking time out to go to the chiropractor in a different area. Our teaching pool is shrinking because we haven`t had time to pay attention to people. But my companion is getting better now, and we`re able to work again, so that`ll improve I think.
Williamson Shimai & Nara Shimai

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