- Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 5 & 13 - Izumo Area

April 5 -

This week was crazy! We went on 2 koukans! For the first one, I was
with Allen Shimai, a 2nd transfer (I'm a third) and we went and tried
to talk to everyone! And understood very little, but she's an amazing
missionary! It was so fun! And we were invited to lunch by this random
person who was not interested at all, but I think her friend was! And
her friend took a Book of Mormon too! It felt to us like she was
really interested, but was afraid of her friend making fun of her. Her
friend kept making snide remarks.
In between those, we got a package of Book of Mormons! Except the
deliveryman looked and acted a little sketchy so we ended up calling
the police on him... Oops... Ah well. Haha.
And then we went on a Koukan with the STL's, aka my missionary dad,
Mackenzie Shimai! It was really great to work with her again! It felt
way familiar, and she always has the best advice!
We taught a first lesson to an investigator this week... When we
introduced baptism and explained it, the first thing she asked was
whether or not her ancestors could be baptized, and receive those same
blessings. We were so surprised!
And Easter was really great. I love the ward here!
And today is transfer day! Me and Nara Shimai are splitting up. I am
staying in Izumo, and my new doryo is Burnett Shimai, who I knew from
Utah State! Crazy right! And my missionary hero, Takahashi Chourou,
who was my first Zone Leader, just transferred into this Zone! Things
are changing, but it'll still be good :)
Sister Williamson

April 13 -

To be fair, the cherry blossoms in Japan only last a week. They are goooooooone...
Yeah, I listened to 3 of the sessions in Japanese. I understand more basic sentences, but some of these general authorities use elaborate language, right? 

Koukans are way fun when your STLs are the best.

This week didn't have too much going on. Nara Shimai got sick so we were out for a day, had to spend the next day on packing, 2 days on transfers, so we didn't even get much done until Friday. Friday was mostly SKK and some surprise lessons. We visited some less actives in a car that live way too far for us to really ever go by ourselves, so that was cool. General conference also took up a lot of time.
One thing did happen that was interesting. After Nara Shimai left I had to get our baptismal candidate person to the interview. Except she's old and forgetful. And speaks old person city slang Japanese. And my new companion and me both don't speak too much Japanese (4th and 5th transfer). So I call her and she does not remember and understand about this interview, but agrees to let us come over like at 3 to talk to her, but the interview is supposed to be at 5 and the elders interviewing her live an hour away, so it wasn't enough time for her, so my district leader who is Japanese just decides to call her. She agrees to come, and we stop by, and we ask her about the word of wisdom and I didn't really understand but I'm like 60 percent sure she said she's keeping it, which is wonderful. She's all happy to come, but is really surprised when we show her a video of baptism, because apparently she thought we baptized by sprinkling. So she was a little worried about that because she's old, but it was all cool. But 5 minutes before the interview, I get a call from the member who was supposed to pick her up, and she said she was so sorry, but this investigator is really sick, and we need to reschedule, and she didn't want to push her. So me and my companion are worried because she was not too sick for an interview 45 minutes before when we left her house, so she possibly was too scared by the baptism by immersion thing and isn't coming anymore. The district leader decided to call her with his cool fluent Japanese, and it turns out that she was willing to go, but probably commented on how her health has been a little hard recently, and the member got really really concerned and would not drive her and told her she had to rest. Yeaaaaaaah. That was a stressful day. Hopefully things aren't that crazy next week with her new time. :)


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