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April 20 & 27 - Izumo Area

April 20 -

From Mom:  Awww.  I thought you would have a longer Cherry Blossom season.  Was there a festival?

Kylie:  Haha, I thought so too. There was kind of a festival that I went to and ate lunch at on a companion exchange. It was fun. :)

This week was a let's get someone baptized stressfull sort of week. Lots of coordination. Lots of calling people. Lots of plans. But she passed her interview, and got baptized! Yeah! :) She's really old, so she was feeling too sick on Sunday to make her confirmation, but she'll make it pretty soon.
Other than that, this week's been pretty calm in term of special things. Just doing my thing, teaching lessons and stuff. There's not much to report when you spend like 14 or so of the week hours on a baptism, haha. I love you guys!

April 27 - 

Good morning! That's funny, stake conference was this weekend for me too! I hope you learn a lot!

Missionary work! That's the best subject there is! A little thought on missionary work. In D&C 4, (the super famous one that they want every missionary to memorize pretty much) it says "he that has desires to serve is called to the work. Not just the full time missionaries. Anyone who wants to serve God is called. And if you have that calling in your heart, that's where you need to pray for opportunities, and act as best you can. Which is just inviting. You can't control people. You can't drag them to church. But you can invite them! :) And show your Christlike love for them so they want to follow you, want to have what you have. Really, missionary work is just about love. If you love the people, you can share the message really naturally. And if you want to practice how to invite and don't know how, please give the missionaries a call and ask them to help you practice inviting. I'm sure they would absolutely love to (especially if there is food involved, but maybe missionaries get invited to dinner enough there that it doesn't matter)

Also mothers day calls! I can call you on your mothers day day or your mothers day eve. Let me know when! Or maybe if you're not busy on either I'll let you know :)

This week was pretty much amazing. Pday was about the same as always, (except we played uno with like half the branch) Then, in the next three days, we taught 8 lessons and found 3 new investigators, all while typing all of our records onto an online area book! We had very little time for lunch haha. It was amazing though, we really went through our area book, and a lot of these people are still really interested! Even some really unlikely ones, like this one lady who may or may not have interest in Christ from like 7 years ago. We were mostly just wondering whether she had moved or not, but it turned out she let us in and is willing to listen to our message. Way cool :) There was one who lived really far away, but when we called her she set up an appointment like nothing, and when we asked her why she wanted to meet missionaries, she described how all the Mormons she's met before had a really good way of thinking, and she went to temple square some years ago and just felt so clean and pure. So she's willing to give our message a try.
Then we went on a koukan! It was way fun to work with the STLs. I worked with a Nihonjin, and we talked a lot and visited lots of less actives! All you at home, go show love to a less active! They might need it. :)

Then we had a wonderful Zone Conference and Stake Conference! We talked a lot about accountability, and how it really ties into everything. And it's true. When we make a plan to do something, we shouldn't need someone to be responsible for us or babysitting us. For us to be good servants of the lord, we need to know how to plan, follow through, and work in a way that we feel good about how we handled our responsibility. And also a lot more things. I love when I get to see all the missionaries!

Sorry! We want to visit a cool place this week, so I don't have much time! Love you all!
(Izumo Taisha)
Sister Williamson

Sakura!  Cherry Blossoms

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