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May 4 & 11 - Izumo Area

May 4

This week we did a lot of records! Like, so many. By that, I mean that with the IPads, they want us to take all of our teaching records for everyone we've ever taught, and put them in the iPad. Which is a lot of typing. So not too much cool stuff. There was one cool experience this week though. While we were finding for a little bit of extra time we had, we walked up to this house, and didn't immediately see a doorbell. (They call it a ping pong in Japan) So we spent a second or two looking for it, but before we do anything the door gets flung open.
"Hey! Where are you guys from? What are you doing in Japan?" In not great Japanese from a non Japanese lady.
"We're from America! We're missionaries! Are you from Brazil?" (We see a lot of Brazilians here)
"No, I'm from Indonesia. Come in!"
Where we head into the house and find 7 other indonesian women who make us sit down and give us food and milk and stare at us a lot and kept asking us questions. It was crazy. They were very Muslim though, (and speak very little Japanese or English) and so they didn't actually have interest in our message at all, but maybe when they return to Indonesia they'll see missionaries and remember us and decide to talk to them there.
Other than that things are great! Trying to improve our relationship with the ward, because that always helps. :)
Love you all!

Sister Williamson

May 11 - 

This week we've seen a lot of miracles in our area. The biggest one is with a less active. There's this less active who has been playing takyuu (ping pong) with the elders for years, but hasn't ever shown any interest in returning. One week, when our takyuu table broke, he wouldn't even text the elders back until he heard they fixed it. So they kept trying to fellowship him, and we all kept being friendly, but we weren't really expecting much from him. However, this Tuesday, he calls the Elders and asks them to play takyuu with them the next day. He then adds that he wants us (the Shimai) to come, because he's bringing his daughters. So we show up and play takyuu and teach his daughters and wife, who all commit to coming to church together. It's just crazy how out of nowhere that came, and how far they've already progressed. Yesterday we asked them to be baptised, and they were a little hesitant, but last night we received about the best text that any missionary could receive, the daughters told their dad they wanted to be baptized and become church members. I'm not sure exactly how everything is going to work out, but I can definitely see the lord's hand in it.
I think one thing I've been learning this week is just how much I do nothing in this work, and everything is really done by the Lord. Basically everything I planned and worked really hard to do this week by my own power failed totally, but things I did not feel confident on but tried my hardest, praying really hard for help, worked out fine, and there were plenty of miracles that I did nothing to start. Kind of a huge humility lesson really, but one I should probably remember. :) 
Love you all!

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