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May 17 & 25 - Izumo Area

May 17 -

Transfer day was today and for the first time... Nothing is changing! Same area, same companion. Our whole area is staying the same actually, so it's a little weird, but we're having a great time in Izumo, so we're happy, the members are happy, and I hope that our investigators are happy too! Haha. So we're going to have a little party today, which just consists of like... Being happy and eating doughnuts. We might see if we can find a science center or something. :) 

This week was crazy! We were able to meet with so many people! And I now like sushi apparently. :) What happened is we were supposed to meet a less active for lunch (she seems really uncomfortable when we're in her home, but switches opposite when we meet other places). We didn't really know where to go, but we knew there was a pretty cheap sushi place nearby. So we decided to go there, and I hoped that I could just get like pineapple and the fried fish they sell. Except the less active took it upon herself to order basically everything on the menu for us to try! I was really nervous, except apparently that whole "you need to try sushi 3 or 4 times first until you can like it" was true, because basically everything was delicious! (Except for   Sea Urchin, that stuff is nasty)

We have a really promising new investigator. She was an investigator from a while back, and here was no reason she stopped investigating that we can find. She still comes to English every week, so we asked her if she wanted to hear our message again... And she got SO EXCITED. She was lie, Yeah! The old missionaries gave me a bible before they left! Isn't that cool! I'll bring it! (What she had was a Book of Mormon, but yeah) Then she asked us a million questions during the lesson. It was way fun. We were also able to find our first investigator from streeting ever! She just seemed really happy to talk to us, and then all a sudden was scheduling an appointment! She has heard very little, so we'll see how it goes, but I'm excited to find out!

And that part member family we're teaching - they want to be baptised! We set a date, and they seem pretty strong right now. They love church - and the church members in the branch are being awesome fellowshippers. Everyone is pitching in to make room for them.

And I am experiencing the wired tan lines that come with being a missionary. The area under my watch is a weird white blotch right now.

We're working and happy here! I've really been able to see how the Lord will bless people when we give it our all and work! Love you all at home!

Sister Kylie Williamson

For Abby - a fun thing to translate.

May 25 -

This week was pretty good. We found out you can buy pizza crusts in bulk for cheap, so we had a pizza party with two less actives! (They're really recent, they were active when I came in and then there was some branch drama and we're hoping everything will calm down) We had a fun ingredient bar, but the brazilians thought the pizza was running out when it wasn't, and so decided to use ALL the cheese. It was more like a pile of cheese than a pizza! Which looked good, but presented a problem, namely, that we needed more cheese for the pizzas! The Elders ran out to get cheese, but I guess cheese is expensive or something, because inserted they came back with a large amount of chocolate, Oreos, bananas, black thunders, and Milky's(the last 2 are Japan specific candies) So we piled those on a crust instead and probably set a record for the unhealthiest pizza ever. It tasted pretty good though. And then everyone came to church, which was awesome!
Our part-member family is wanting to be baptised sooner than their date, and they're accepting everything really fast and coming to church every week, so I think they'll be able to be baptized this transfer! Which is sweet because I'm getting to the point where me staying here is a litte bimio. The girls in the family have really taken to the Elders... Haha they have to be really careful. We've been basing our lessons with them on examples, videos, and games, because they can't concentrate on just a straight up lesson very well.
There was also this random guy who called us this week. He was just asking us questions like "you're missionaries right? What country are you from?", ect. He just seemed really bored and really wanted to talk to us. Also, he assumed we were in Osaka at first, which is pretty far, so it was way weird, but he seemed nice enough. Obviously, we keep asking questions to try and figure out why he called missionaries. When it came out that I came to Japan in December, he got really excited and asked if I knew Elder Cannon. Who I did. But yeah. Turns out he's already meeting with missionaries, and then got bored one day and took their phone number and messed around with it a little bit until someone answered. It's probably one of the most random things.
Also, we randomly ran into our good friend recent convert who hadn't come to church that day on a train. She was really happy to see us. It turned out it was her birthday! We're having a party for her today at FHE. 
Everyone, thanks so much! Love you all! 
Sister Williamson

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