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June 1 - Izumo Area

June 1 - 

There was a way fun ward activity this week, we were able to get some less actives to it. Lots of basketball, ping pong, frisbee. Mostly I just played with all the toddlers though. We have SO MANY YOUTH in our branch. I had a lot of fun running and falling over and over - the kids loved it too! 
Then today we found basically the Japanese free version of the discovery center. All the windows, tornado experiments, fun stuff, except super deserted. Way fun though! They had a bunch of optical illusions, and me and Burnett Shimai basically acted like 4 year olds while all the Japanese people wondered why gaijin are so weird. 
A member invited someone to church on Sunday and SHE CAME. And she was way cool, and decided to stay for all three hours. But the funny thing is I don't even think her and the member are even friends, because he didn't really speak to her or sit next to her or anything. We had to ask him to get him to come to the same Sunday School class she was attending. But I guess he just invites everyone to church always, so I'm not going to complain.
We ran into a less active on the train on her BIRTHDAY. She was way happy to see us, and we invited her to FHE where we made her cake!
We also had interviews with the president! I always love when I get to see and talk to Welch Kaichou, and you can tell he has a vision for missionary work.
With the Elders, something really cool happened with one of their investigators. He's a really genki old guy, really set in his ways, but super nice and loves religion (we found him and passed him to the elders, so I've been in lessons with him once or twice) The Elders are teaching him the restoration, and when they're talking about the plates, he gets really interested and says "buddism has something like that too!", walks over to his butsudan, and pulls out AN ANCIENT SCROLL MADE OF GOLD WITH ENGRAVINGS ON IT. It's written in old Japanese, so he has no idea what's written, but apparently it's been passed down through his family forever. I'm half convinced he has something like the Book of Mormon part 2 or crazy cool like that. I don't think i've even ever heard of golden plates (or scrolls I guess) being used in secular history. If nothing else, it's a way cool backing to the realisticness of the Book of Mormon having been written on golden plates.
One member sent us A LOT of bread, because she works at a bread shop and I think there were leftovers that she could take home. I know that sounds small, but it was the best thing in the entire world.
Other than that we weren't really able to teach many lessons this week. Our teaching pools gotten a bit small, because any time where we would have been finding we're instead trying to get the area book all updated.
I know this work is the lord's work, and it goes at his pace, and he controls it. And because of that, it will never fail. He knows where his sheep are, and they'll be found exactly when they're needed to. A lot of times we stress over something we did well, or badly, but really it just comes down to how much we're giving and how much we trust the lord. Those are what matters.
Love you all!
Sister Williamson

The field is ripe already to harvest - D&C 4:4
They found the only wheat field in Japan :)

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