- Monday, June 22, 2015

June 15 - Happy Birthday in Izumo

Here's a conversation from this week:
Before church starts, 9:45
Branch 2nd counceler(mark): Hey Williamson Shimai, are you ready for your talk?
Me: Talk? I have a talk?
Mark: We didn't tell you?
Me: No... What's it on?
Mark: *checks paper* Journal writing.
Me: ... *feeling anxious*
Mark: ...
Me: ...
Mark: Missionary work
Me: Okay.
I have never been so glad to have gospel library.
So I spent the sacrament trying to put my thoughts together, and then went up there and just kind of tried to get my thoughts across in Japanese. I didn't do too badly in that respect, which means probably 1/4 of it was good Japanese, 1/2 was not great but understandable Japanese, and 1/4 of it was totally butchered Japanese. But I felt good about it after, because it was SO sudden. Trusting the spirt helped my message get across somehow.
One day my Japanese will not be broken, but for now I will make do and bug the Japanese Elders to correct my OYM's and keep praying for it to improve.
So I don't know how much of this I've written so far, but our branch has this thing right now where we're trying to get 30 nonmembers to come to church on the 28th and our mission president is coming up and yeah. So we are inviting EVERYONE to church and visiting the members a lot to encourage them however we can.
One of our shigansha's this week was a boss! She was supposed to bike to church, but she lost her bike key, and so walked there for half an hour. She's been bringing her Book of Mormon to school with her, and bought a cover for it and made markings for where the different books start, and has already finished second Nephi. She loves church, and is way committed. We're still kind of trying to figure out who should be teaching these kids though, because they do live in the next area (the parents live in our area), which takes us a lot of time traveling to get to, but they are being taught as a family and the dad really wants the Shimai teaching them.
And also today is my birthday!!!! It's been way good! My lovely parents sent me a bunch of American food. Weirdly enough, the thing I was most excited about was the mashed potatoes. :) Mami Shimai drew me a picture! And the elders left pancakes at our door this morning. And then I went out and ate sushi and we bought me a really benri dendo bag. My companion's taken it upon herself to make me a cake and not let me help. (Though I would totally love to help) It's been a good day.
Love you all!
Sister Williamson

Today is Kylie's Birthday, 20!

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