- Monday, June 22, 2015

June 21 - Izumo Area

Yeah, Father's Day is a thing here! :) 

This week was full of miracles!
We visited a lot of PI's, and former investigators, and a few of them were still really interested, so we're excited to work with them! On top of that, we received a lot of referrals from the ward this week. Particularly from one Brother in the ward who is crazy excited about sharing the gospel. One of them was a lady who works in the government, so we went and met with her and it was way fun.
The highlight of my week was a pasta party! We were able to get a lot of our investigators and less actives to come - they outnumbered the members there! It was way fun talking to everyone, and getting them loosened up about church things. 
Today we went to a lighthouse! The B family took us! They took a lot of pictures, and it was so much fun! I'll get them when I'm able to get on Facebook probably.
Working the work!
My favorite was this week, I taught my first official official lesson in Portugese. There are a lot of Portugese speakers here, so I've been kind of surrounded by it and working my way around it, but this week at church some members came up to us and we're like "hey, can you teach this guy right now?" And he was like "I want to learn more about the Mormons" and we were like "okay!" And taught him a lesson half in English and had some branch members help with the Portugese. Honestly, he wants to find the truth more than anything. High hopes for him and his daughter.
Love you all,
Sister Williamson

First Japanese, now Portugese?

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