- Saturday, September 26, 2015

August 16 - Osaka Area

My new companion is Sister P from Utah and she's really blonde. Even more than me, so we're stick out pretty badly here. We haven't worked together for too long, so not super sure, but it seems like she's 1. Obedient 2. Loves service 3. Laid back 4. Thinks about others 5. Steps out of her comfort zone. This'll be a good transfer (though I way miss my little trainee!)
We're trying to meet this girls parents. Then we'll see.

This week was really fast and then slow. Since S Shiami was transferring, a lot of people agreed to meet with us. We were able to visit and talk to pretty much everyone on a list she made of people to visit before she left. And she has a lot of family for the ward, so actually her cousins were coming to stay at another one of her cousins house anyways last weekend, so they went to Church and she got to see them, then for p-day the members drove us around and showed her places where her mom grew up. Not the most exciting, but it was cool for her. Then she transferred, and in came P Shimai. This is the first time my Japanese has ever been better then my companions, so it's kind of a weird experience having to make sure she stays in the conversation. We've done a lot of just contacts together so far, and she's fun to work with. Then on Sunday, one of the people who used to be a missionary here came and visited! We visited some investigators with home, and she had a dinner at the church where she invited some of her old investigators to. It was way fun! And one of the best ways to contact old investigators! :)
I love you guys!
Sister Williamson

Kylie Shimai & S Shimai

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