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August 23 - Osaka Area

This week!
I've been struggling feeling like the work is progressing here, so I decided to make a miracle board again (where we write one way the lord blessed our efforts each day.
Just seeing them helps us remember all the cool things that have happened, and since we're in a position to notice them, we are sent more!
Here's our coolest experience from this week:

One day, me and my companion settled down to do some SKK. We planned for our investigators, and it wasn't particularly exciting. But then, our phone buzzed. We had gotten a text from a number! We did not know this person, but they had decided to text the missionaries.
"Heroo! Are you still in America?"
The intended recipient was probably not still in America, but we weren't letting the mystery texter go that easy. And it was in English! An American, maybe?
"Yes! This is Sister Williamson :)
But, I'm sorry, your number isn't put in our phone right now, so I don't know who you are…"
"Oh I see it. So M--- and C---- went back to US? I'm S---- by the way."
I knew these people! M Shimai and C Shimai were both serving still! This means that he was a (semi) recent contact and that I could try to form a connection!
M and C Shimai are awesome! They are still in Japan but C is now in ---- and M is in -----.
How did you meet them?"
"They gave me bible near by Nara.
Are u missionary too?"
This person was both a gospel contact (I had assumed interest in English class or something by the tone of it) and seemed more interested in talking to missionaries than these specific people. Easy opening!
"Yeah, I am :) That's cool! Did you get to read it at all?"
"To be honest, not much. It's hard to read it in English myself"
This person has an English Book of Mormon! Not really sure why, but had tried to read it!
But I had no idea why he had English... Maybe a phillipino or something who understands English just a little better than Tagalog? We asked, and he was Japanese. :) Also found out that he lives in a different zone...
"Why were you interested in the Bible?"
"Oh why? How can I not Lol"
This person is golden. For sure.
After asking if he'd like to meet with missionaries in his area.
"Do you have time to talk bit?
Can you speak Japanese?"
Yes and yes. We got a call, and to our surprise, it was a guy the whole time! Basically he kept saying he really wanted to find truth and really wanted to meet with missionaries. He remembered our book after attending another church with a friend, and has some questions and so started texting us. So, in spite our our efforts to be super smooth in the phone conversation, being blunt would have worked just as well haha.
People all over are being prepared to receive the gospel, we just have to keep our eyes open.

Also, T-San came to the church for the first time for a lesson! It went super well! We gave him a tour of the building and then talked about his questions.
We taught a lesson to the guy who delivers the liahonas! He's way cool!
Also we've heard from the members that one of the moms who comes to Eikaiwa decided she really likes it and invited all her friends and their kids to come so we'll see what happens there. Our Eikaiwa might become huge. We heard because one of the mom's called the bishop about it apparently and asked if it was the same Eikaiwa.
We went and did a service project! Basically swept this weird water thing... I don't really know. But it was fun and we talked to lots of people.
And finished up the week with Stake conference, which included awesome talks from our mission president and 8 sisters attempting to sleep in the same apartment.
And then there was a ward activity where we all watched meet the mormons! And none of the people we invited came... But it was okay because I understood a good 70%ish of the movie so yay Japanese!

Love you all! 
Sister Williamson


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