- Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 8 - Osaka Area

Yeah, this week I became companions with sister K, who is just way hardworking and fun. 
Also there was this tech conference in Kobe that I went to and they split up me and my companion and it was way weird. It was just me and like 10 Elders for like 10 minutes, but then the mission president's wife came in and it was better. (And apparently I'm the new tech lead for the mission)
We had an investigator come to church last week! She's been avoiding coming for awhile but we retaught the sabbath day and she committed without a problem. She was way shy at first but by the end was laughing with everyone and holding people's babies and stuff. Also my trainer, sister M showed up and it was way fun to catch up!
We has to buy books and stuff for my new companion so that took a day.
We're now a 4 person apartment and it's way fun. There's always someone to talk to and they are both Japanese so there's a lot of Japanese happening.
There were also a lot of birthdays in the ward. We visited one and had a party and then went right after to visit another but got the address wrong and ended up walking an hour and a half to an apartment no one lives in. Go figure :)
And while we were steeting this random lady caught our attention and was like  "be careful with your nose bone ". Yeah, she said that. In English. We were way confused.
That's about it for this week.
Love you! 
Sister Williamson 

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