- Sunday, November 8, 2015

October 24 & November 1 - Osaka Area

October 24

This week we had zone conferences. And we're visiting members a lot recently. Nothing super special though. One less active we visited 2 weeks ago and gave her some banana bread. She was SO happy, it was incredible. So this week, when we visited and ended our message, she went and found something for us and gave it to us in a bag. I had no idea what it was, but we acted way happy and surprised. She was way pleased with herself. When we went back to our bikes, we looked inside the bag and... We found a pack of pads. Haha died laughing. 
Also, highlight of the week. Taught a way good lesson while housing to someone who was interested. The only problem was... She was pregnant and is going to not be home for a while. Ah well, first step - taken.
Anyway, love you guys!

Sister Williamson

November 1

This is an eventful Monday. Transfers came and... I am staying! Which I am SO GLAD. I love this ward. But I'll be switching companions again. A new missionary, so I actually know nothing about her at the moment. I bet she'll be awesome though. I didn't expect to train though, since I've trained two missionaries already. Actually every companionship in this district will be training. We're going to be a young mission. 
Also, my apartment will be welcoming an extra 2 sisters. It was meant to be an apartment for 4, so not a hard adjustment. I'm excited.

Miracle for this week. We were coming back from some mama-eventful housing, and I waved at this one girl. She yelled out to us and asked us where we were from! I responded with America and walked over to her and we started talking for a bit. She said she had some interest in our message, but had just woken up and so if she heard it it would just leave her head in a second. Which is a WAY dumb excuse, but we exchanged phone numbers and headed back to the church. Well, 15 minutes later, we got a call from her. She wanted to know if we had any plans. We did... But the plans were to go streeting to find people. So no, no plans. She responded that she was headed to the church right then. We gave her a tour, and sang her a hymn, and taught her a lesson. She way liked it, and felt the spirit! (She told us that video made her way happy)
I'm excited to really work through another transfer, and especially in such a strong ward as Ibaraki.

We visited a lot of member families this week. One of them teaches calligraphy as her job, and she made a plaque for me with name kanji!!! It looks way pretty, I'll get a picture. We're making better member records for missionaries so that this ward is a bit easier to understand.

This week, we had companion exchanges! It actually turned out to be really hard, we had a lot of appointments that day, but we managed to make the switch and teach a lot of lessons and learn a lot.

Love you!
Sister Williamson

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