- Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 18th - Osaka Area

Tell Henry I play basketball a lot too - I'm in probably the only church in Japan with a basketball court. And tell him I challenge him to game of shooting hoops when I get back. I'm practicing ;)

English class. Here is also the biggest English class I teach. Every area is once a week, with varying numbers of students. Sometimes the only students are the Japanese Missionaries :) Here we get around 50 students a week, of varying ages, and half of them are 1-5 years old. Our kids English class here is huge, part in thanks to the coordinator who is American and has a lot of free time at work that she uses to plan activities for them. It's a pretty fun Eikaiwa, and about half of our investigators we're teaching were found through English. There's a pretty bimio curriculum we follow to some extent. The topics are good, it can just be a bit boring.

Let's see... This last week... Everything seems to run together in Missionary work after a while, so sorry all my emails have probably gotten boring.
We had a less active decide to come to church by herself. She had a really good experience, but she doesn't actually remember ANYTHING other than she loves Jesus Christ. Which, to be fair, is not a bad thing to remember. So points for her I guess.
Yeah, but she had a lot of questions for us about the Passion of Christ video which I have never seen but my companion has and is apparently pretty gory. So I could not answer her endless questions about why Christ was portrayed however he was portrayed in that video. But during this discussion, we realized she knows nothing about Christ except that she believes in him. She's Chinese, and might have been taught while she didn't speak Japanese. She doesn't know that he got baptized or resurrected, doesn't know if she believes we still live after we die, ect. So we're going to start with scratch from her. We taught a bit about the plan of salvation because she's pretty concerned with what a sad place the world is. She was WAY upset that everyone gets to be resurrected, kept saying that it would be better for the bad people to just die and stay dead. So it was kind of an interesting Sunday.
My old investigator (the wife of T-San) from my first area got baptized this last week!!! Way happy! Their family will be able to be sealed in a year, and I'm way happy for them.
Maybe I can even be there ;)
We also had a "day mission" event where we went on splits with some local youth and taught role play lessons and went finding and stuff. It was way fun, and I hope the girl I was paired with is excited for a mission!
Other than that, just the normal missionary week. Taught some moms while their kids were a terror and broke everything. But ridiculously cute terrors, so I guess it's okay. Taught another investigator who broke our heart with never coming to church ever. Ect, ect.
One thing I've learned this week is while sometimes we don't feel like we're really getting everywhere or making any difference, but we just need to be patient, because there's a point to everything we do. It may even be just so that we're more prepared to help someone in the future, we may be making more of an impact than we think. Anyways, the Lord's promises will all be fufilled, and we can have hope for the future. :)

Love you guys!
Sister Williamson

Williamson Shimai and companion

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