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October 4 & October 11 - Osaka Area

October 4th

Yeah, year mark. Way weird. Kind of can't believe it, kind of can. I just got here, but also my whole life has been mission, and Maizuru was so long ago. そして、日本語もちょっと話せるようになりました。信じられない。
My apartment is now 3rd floor, 2 bedroom, study room, kitchen. This one is pretty big too, it used to be a yonin a few transfers ago. 

This week was just kind of an "getting into the area" week. It's weird to share a church building with a different area. There are missionaries EVERYWHERE. 
This area's member records are not very good, so getting to know everyone in this HUGE Ward is difficult. We're concentrating on visiting members, and sharing messages with them.
There's a lot of interest in English here. A lot of the lessons we teach are paired with English, which is nice because we get to serve them, but difficult because their primary interest is not the gospel. The Book of Mormon changes hearts though. 
We've been able to contact a few former investigators who have interest again, and make a few new appointments for this next week. 
The mission has been such a blessing to my life, and I have grown so much in testimony and commitment. I'm grateful to know of my role in life, and find reassurance that God has a plan for my life. Simple, basic truths, but the more you understand them the more they mean.
Love, Sister Williamson

October 11th

It doesn't really feel like a giant city at all. Actually, it's not as big city as the heart of New York at all, think more Washington, but still pretty big. I'm allowed to go anywhere. Here, all of our investigators are Japanese. Our area is pretty large, and the wellness off of the people depends on the part of the area. :) In Japan, there aren't really rich and poor neighborhoods. They just all kind of live close and next to each other.

This week started off really eventful. We rushed from appointment to appointment from Monday to Wednesday. A few new people and also some regulars. One of the lessons was with a long time investigator. She stopped investigating because she got busy, but she's still keeping the word of wisdom and everything! She still doesn't have any time, which I would say is one of the hardest things that keep people from investigating. Everyone in Japan is CRAZY busy.  Gave out a few book of Mormons. Worked with the ward a lot, got a lot of member support. We also had a few days that not much happened at all... The coolest experience we had though was that yesterday, my tire went flat, so we had to change our plans. It was Sunday, and we didn't have a pump or anything, so we just had to wait it out. We visited a less active, who was not home. We still had some time, so we decided to go housing a bit, and found someone who had some interest and told us we can come back! A young family with 2 twin boys. Super cute! Sometimes things happen so God can lead us to people. We went back today when he said we could, but no one was home. Still not giving up on them though.
And general conference was, as expected, wonderful.

Sister Williamson

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