- Sunday, October 25, 2015

September 28 - Osaka Area

Said goodbye to everyone I knew, packed my bags, and transferred! It's way sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I'll have new friends soon! My new Ward is HUGE. Like 100 people. And there's a gym in the church. There's 2 wards who attend this building. There are a few missionaries I've seen here before from my last areas, so there are a few familiar faces though. :) we have a lot of activities here though. It sounds like Eikaiwa is huge! And we have a weekly sports night in the gym that a lot of nonmembers show up to (again, becasue we actually have a gym, rare in Japan)
We have some fun investigators here, like some young moms and their kids, and I'm excited to continue to meet with everyone. 
My new companion is F Shimai! She's way sweet! She's from Texas and is Polynesian. Her Japanese is way good and we'll have a good transfer.
We had a crazy good day, my last day! We had a bunch of appointments, ate sushi with a member, found a guy who was willing to learn more, handed out flyers at an ekky, and had a way cool conversation.
This conversation went like this:
*after having taken and read a little bit of our flyer*
The church of Jesus Christ... Is this your church?
Me- Yeah!
Wait, the Mormons?
Me- yeah, have you heard of us?
Yeah, I've had some interest in religions so I've read stuff online... There are like Elders and Bishops....
Me- There's actually an Elder right here *pointing to Elder P who comes over*
This guy promptly freaks out like he can't believe it and we are superstars. Anyways, he knew all this stuff about temples and he word of wisdom and had a bunch of questions but then didn't want to meet and talk about them at all because apparently it's scary. Hopefully he musters up some courage and contacts us again though :) 
And one funny thing that sometimes we do when we're handing out English flyers is just say random words to people and act like we're saying "do you like English?" Or something along those lines. Because no one understands us anyways and saying things like flying poodles to people is a rare oppurtunity that should not be missed. And they don't even notice. Because no one in Japan actually speaks English, as much as they study it. They all study it. But they don't speak it. 
Other than that, not much new except moving in! Love you all!
Sister Williamson

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