- Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 13 & September 20 - Osaka Area

September 13

This week has been kind of great but weird :) I was still sick, so had to rest for a day or two. I was basically knocked out for a few hours, but then I felt a lot better.
We met with this way cool person! K San! She came to the church because she was interested in English, but couldn't really meet at the time or the place of normal eikaiwa. So we met with her at a cafe this week, and it turns out she believes in God, sings in a gospel choir, has studied the bible, but isn't really sure like what religion is true or any of that. We've only met with her once, but we could tell how prepared she is. We're going to see if we can meet at a members house first.
We also met with a few less actives this week. M San, a gaijin from Colorado, who doesn't believe in God and thought religion is boring so went less active. There is also I Shimai, who is way nice and receptive, but is having a hard time doing things at the moment. I love meeting with her though, because she's way nice.
We had a way fun p-day this week. The whole district got together and played games (I made a missionary version of Avalon that everyone got into) and sports in the morning (I learned how to throw a football and there was a way fun slide). It was way fun :) 
Love you all! Write more later! 
Williamson Shimai

September 20

Dear family, today was transfer calls!!!
And... I am transferring! Apparently also becoming a trainer again. F Shimai. She's from California. I'm headed to another area in Osaka.  Which is the heart of the city apparently. A Ward of like 100 people. Think like New York status crowded. And a real church, with 2 wards attending the same building. I'm only associated with one of them, so that's normal, but everything will change again. Hold on to your seatbelts! That's 7 companions for 8 transfers!

This last week we decided to attend seminary... And decided it needed some strengthening. A few kids come... But they all looked way sad and slept and refused to even pretend to participate. So we decided it could use some missionary strengthening! We're going to try and show up most days, and see if we can lend some spirit :)

Just like a few transfers ago, we had a day to invite friends to church! And a lot of members way helped out! We saw some less actives back, and some new faces. It was way good, and everyone's really starting to catch the missionary spirit. I'm excited to see where this takes people. 

One cool experience we had was being able to talk to a less active for the first time in a long time! We were teaching his mom when he came in and tried to BOLT. But his mom was way nice and got him to come drink juice with us and he relaxed a lot and we had a nice conversation. :)

Anyways, next week will be crazy! I have no idea what's going on!
Sister Williamson

Super big slide on Pday

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