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November 29 & Dec 6 - Osaka Area

November 29

I don't have much time this week. We went to a fun mall place area and ate lunch with some investigators today (one of the meals was a mix of pigs ears and liver... I ate a little bit) so I only have 10 mins to send emails. I love you!

This week our strongest investigator decided she wants to be baptized next month, so we're really excited for her.

December 6

This week was really fun. We started off with a companion exchange with the Japanese sisters we live with. My first transfer companion and the Japanese first transfer companion were working together, so it was fun to see them try really hard at communicating with each other. They did a pretty good job, but it looked like a bit of a struggle. Me and Sister Y with had a lot of fun! (And ate Sushi! I have grown insanely in love with sushi) We decided to go pass out flyers at Eki for English conversation class, and she brought her ukulele. We made up a song about the class and sang it together while handing out the flyers. It was pretty great day. Sister Y really wants to do it every week now.

We met again with our really strong investigator, Sister I. it turns out she wasn't able to move the place where she's getting married so she can't go to church until probably March. So she won't be able to be baptized this month, but she will be baptized for sure eventually so not the worst thing in the world. I would have liked to see her baptism but I'll be there in spirit.

On Friday, there was an event at train station where they turn on a lot of lights for the Christmas season and had some people singing during performances. Some of the people we volunteer with were in it so they had us (our district) come up and introduce ourselves in front of everyone and sing a song with them. I didn't really know what I was doing but it was kind of cool. The lights they put up are really impressive, and really pretty to look at. 

Also, when we went to our lesson again with one of our investigators, she brought a friend. Again. This friend was really excited to see us and was super supportive of everything were saying. She said her cousins were Mormon and she doesn't know very much about them but she didn't think we are Christian at first. But every time we said anything she really agreed, and actually asked us to come back in two weeks for her birthday party where she wants us to share a message. 

Really we're just working really really hard and trying to help the Japanese people. I know there's people in Japan waiting for our  message and prepared to accept it. We're focusing everything we do on trying to help the members also understand how they can share with their friends and not be afraid. If we all work as a team we can bring to pass miracles!


So, I love the speaker you sent me last year. (It's way nice - definitely using it in college and stuff too) At first I tried to use the Bluetooth to link to my phone, but I couldn't get it working because our phones are way low tech (texting takes forever). Anyways, just mostly using it with our DVD player, but then this week for the first time I realized it can link wirelessly to my iPad! So we played around with it, and the range is such that it will work perfectly even from opposite sides of the apartment (which admittedly isn't that far).
So we made a plan.
We made up a rap song, turned it up, and hid it in the Japanese sisters room. then, when they were planning, we hit play. I wish we could have recorded it, but we could hear them (eh? Eh?) and it was really funny.

Love you 
Sister Williamson 

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