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Dec 27 & Jan 3 - Osaka Area

December 27 - Osaka Area

Not too much happened this week. Normal stuff with investigators. We picked up a Muslim investigator this week. We went to visit her and she let us in and just as we finished a message (that she was interested in!) Her friend visited and also started asking us questions. Her friend was a lot less interested, but it was really interesting to see how similar they thought Joseph Smith and Muhammad's roles are in our religions. One of them wants to read the book of Mormon! 

Other than that, we had a Christmas party in Kobe with a bunch of missionaries doing funny skits  and stuff. We did a skit of a district meeting. I'll include my favorite two in the sharing. 

It's weird to be an "oldie" on the mission. I don't like thinking about it.

Love you guys!
It was great seeing you!
Love, Sister Williamson 

January 3 - Osaka Area

Dear family, Happy New Years!!!
Here in Ibaraki we celebrated by going to bunch of members houses and eating until we gained 50 pounds. Was so much raw fish. Which is okay because I actually like raw fish now. Also we ate pizza with corn and mayonnaise. Because that's the way we do it in Japan. But on a more serious note I was very grateful to be invited to so many homes, and the food was mostly super delicious. I'm still not a huge fan of curry sometimes.
Also we have an incredible amount of chocolate and snacks in our apartment for Christmas. we have like a huge box as big as the sister called Fuji Shimai just filled with candy. Life is good. This week went on splits a lot. We have this thing they called the blitz. Where every single person in the zone came and worked in Ibaraki for one day. At least it was supposed to be every single person in the zone. It turned into every single elder in the zone and just the sisters that we live with. It was a little disappointing but I got to go on splits with Fuji Shimai! When we went housing, we prayed to find someone who would be receptive and listen to our message. We knocked on door and introduced ourselves to the ping-pong box and a girl answered and told us she would go and get her mom. We waited and the mom actually open the door! (this is rare in Japan) we introduced ourselves and showed them our family pictures. They were very excited to see them and the kids swarmed around us and looked at all of our pictures. After that we shared a little bit about how this church has helped our family and bore our testimonies. The nine-year-old girl got very excited and started telling us how she knows that God exists because when she lost her keys once she prayed really really hard and then found them. We agreed that this was a great experience. We then shared our testimonies of the book of Mormon and how it has helped us become closer to God. The nine-year-old was so interested and wanted to read it, but her mom was reluctant to take it because it's a little bit hard for a nine-year-old to read. We suggested that the mom read it with the nine-year-old but the mom would have none of that. She accepted it though and the girl said she would read it by herself! We asked if we could come back after week and share another message with this kid but the mother said that probably it would not be a good idea. It was kind of sad but hopefully the nine-year-old reads the book of Mormon and when she's older can come to church and stuff.
The next day we went on another exchange with the sister training leaders. We had a very unique experience when visiting a less active. When we came her house she was eating lunch and wouldn't really speak to us. We asked if there was anything we can do to help her, and she told us that it would help if we went and bought her saran wrap. So we went and bought her saran wrap. Afterwards she thanked us and said we helped her so I guess check for helping someone.
Also I really really really love sushi now. I'm afraid this will turn into a problem when I return to America because our sushi is not that great. Sushi is the best.
Love you guys,
Sister Williamson

Lights at Christmas

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