- Monday, March 28, 2016

March 21 & 28 - Kyoto Area

March 21 - Kyoto Area

Painting and yard work? Have you actually started a garden?
Yeah, it's crazy. Apparently he [Ladd] bore his testimony because they all say how much they appreciated it. We have a lot to do here - mostly because the elders area is closed, so this is a sister only area. That means we have more less actives and stuff to visit. 

This week...
So here in Katsura the members are really great about helping us teach and welcoming our investigators. We have a few investigators. We went with one of them to Fushimi -Inari, which is a really cool hike up the mountains. We had a really strong lesson with her yesterday too, and I have a lot of hope for her. 
One of our less actives could NOT understand that Amulon was a bad guy in Mosiah 18ish because "he is a really hard worker." And did not seem to understand that enslaving Alma was a bad thing.
Mostly, this week the mission technology blew up and so it took a lot of time and effort to try and get it working.

Love you! 

March 28 - Kyoto Area

Typing as much as I can. You'll get a double report next week 

This week we saw a lot of miracles with our investigators. Firstly, M-san very simply agreed to be baptized. We were so happy! We taught him about the plan of salvation, and then told him in order to go to the celestial kingdom you need to be baptized. We then asked baptized, and he said yes.  It was about the least dramatic lesson I've ever seen, but probably one of the best results. 
Our other investigator, Y-san, took us to a shrine in Kyoto and we went hiking! She's been reading the book of Mormon and asked really good questions. She seems to really like the church and came to a relief society activity. She was going to come to church this week and we were very excited but she woke up with a stomach ache and we don't know when she will next be able to make it. Kind of a bummer but I love being around her. We're going to go see the sakura with her next week and I'm very excited for it.
Also, we met an American family this week. We were at the train station and there was a American wearing a Utah football sweatshirt so we wondered if he was Mormon. We talked to him for a bit and it turns out he wasn't but had some Mormon relatives. He knew some about missions and talked to us for a while. We helped them change his tickets to an earlier time, and they were very grateful. They took a picture with us and wanted to know if there's anything they can do for us. We said no, and they insisted on taking a picture to send to you guys, so you probably got the picture. 
We met a random crazy person. She was walking down the street and singing high long notes. She stopped near us and started speaking to us in English which surprised us. She saw that we are church volunteers and put down her grocery bags put her hand up to the sky and started saying things like "peace peace peace. I want you I need you peace peace peace." It was really funny. 

Love you!
Sister Williamson

My wife and I are on vacation in Japan and bumped into your daughters while trying to figure out the subway system. They were extremely helpful and both appeared to be in good spirits!

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