- Monday, March 28, 2016

March 7 & 14 - Kyoto Area

March 7 -  Osaka Area

So we went to a shrine in Kyoto today - a bit far so not much time to write - sorry! 

This week was a little harder investigator-wise. We heard a lot of excuses about why they couldn't be baptized or read the BOM or whatever... Working on it, haha. The elect will accept the message and the others just may need more time.

Had a cool blitz! That means all the missionaries in our zone assemble in an area and work! 

Anyways, love you! 

March 14 - Kyoto Area

I finally got kicked out of Ibaraki. I spent 6 months there... I LOVE OSAKA. It's the place to be. Transferring is always a bit hard because it takes some time to adjust to literally your whole life changing in one day. 

My new ward is a lot smaller. Around 30 people. The Elders area in Ibaraki closed, so it was a crazy last day trying to meet with their investigators and ours and pack and stuff. I'm going to miss Ibaraki a lot. I'm on my last transfer now - a weird feeling, seeing as how I've already done 11 + MTC. My new companion is English, and one more weird fact... She's met my Dad. In fact, almost my entire ward has met my dad. Yep. I'm in Katsura. 
Katsura is a lot different from Ibaraki. There are no elders here, so we're in charge of teaching everyone, male or female. We're really busy. 

The members are really sweet here though. I'm still getting to know people, and remembering names is hard, but I really want to make an impact on this area with the 6 weeks that I do have. 

It was really sad to say goodbye to everyone. I'll never forget Ibaraki. 

So far, in the lighter side of things, we met this Less Active who really loves South Dakota. He told me that I was a boy-like girl. My companion asked him if he meant a tomboy. He said no, a girl who is like a boy. Then he said my face also looks like a boys. We were dying. Also apparently he gives us soap a lot and very seriously gives us the instructions "these are NOT FOR EAT". And made sure we understood. It's nice that he's worried about our health.

There's a less active who randomly shakes your hand during the lesson all the time, like he thinks it's over. 
...other than that things are pretty normal. I'm gonna work really hard these last 6 weeks!


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