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February 22 & 29 - Osaka Area

February 22 - Osaka Area

Dear family, 
A this week was really good! We had some really crazy things happen . First of all, do you remember our friend Lucky? She is Chinese and really good at English, and so we meet with her to teach English and then also the Gospel. Well, she invited us to her house to eat really delicious Chinese food. She picked us up from the train station and then walked with her to her house. As we were walking she mentioned that her boyfriend was home and that he would be eating with us. It kind of made me nervous because I didn't even know if he knows we're teaching her about Jesus Christ. So I asked some questions about him and it also turns out that he's quite a bit older than her. He's actually 40 years old. I had no idea what was going to happen. So we got to her house and he answered the door. He had been cleaning all the dishes and her house. Actually he was really really really nice guy and it wasn't awkward like I thought and so I felt a lot better after that. The food was completely different from panda express. She had kind of a sweet-and-sour chicken thing out but probably the highlight of the meal for me was tomato soup with like macaroni and stuff that you put in it. If you're wondering why that's exciting there's actually no tomato soup in Japan. It was a rare experience. I miss tomato soup. Anyways, we got to the discussion and he was super sucked in! His dad passed away last year and ever since then he's been more interested in religion. We left him with a book of Mormon, but unluckily he lives near Tokyo... We felt the spirit way strong - this is the beginning of his journey. 

We also had an old lady talk our ear off for 2 hours.

I love the moms English we teach! Kids are way cute!

Love you all,
Sister Williamson

February 29 - Osaka Area

Dear Family,

This week while we were passing out English fliers at an ekky (like normal) something rather unusual happened. All of a sudden we heard a scream like "AAARGH" and saw probably the angriest man I have ever seen in Japan storming towards Barney Chourou and yelling really fast Japanese. He was waving a flier around and trying to get Barney Chourou to go into an Ekky with him... It was probably the most dramartic thing ever to happen at the train station. Lots of people just kind of... Watched. Barney Chourou was like "this is ridiculous, if there's a problem we should call the police" and the guy was like "watch out cuz I already have!" But they waited a bit and obviously no one was coming so... Barney Chourou said he was going to call the police and the guy was like "if you're gonna do that then there's a police station right down the street, let's just go now!"
So they went, and on the way Barney Chourou told his companion to call us to take his bags to the church (we did not accompany them to the police station) and the guy was like "be careful what you're saying because I UNDERSTAND ENGLISH"
He was crazy. And clearly didn't speak any English.
The police made the Elders apologize to them and then it was okay.

We went on a companion exchange. It was pretty normal, but fun. We made pumpkin in a soup, and somehow a poem to go with it:
pumpkin in a pot
watch out its pretty hot
take a sip, you better not
what else you got?
Nevermind I gotta mop

Talked to the sweetest old lady. I ping ponged (rang the doorbell) and asked to share a message. She said she couldn't open the door and we should wait for when someone else was home. I felt this was probably someone just dodging us, so I asked WHEN we should come back, like in an hour or another day? She said she didn't know, but she was SO sorry because she couldn't move and couldn't open the door and honestly started sounding really genuinely sad. She did want to hear! So I started sharing the message through the ping pong. It went really well for the first few seconds, until all the neighborhood kids figured out where we were and started yelling questions at us. My companion tried to distract them but they were SO LOUD. She said we could come back though! Mission accomplished.

Also we were able to get two of the moms to church... And also their kids. THEY WERE SO CUTE but caused the moms so much stress. They were crashing cars and wandering up and down aisles... I hope it was still a good experience. The ward was way chill about it though and for the most part we were able to distract them with prepared coloring pages.

Love you all!
Sister Williamson

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