- Sunday, March 6, 2016

February 1 & 8 - Osaka Area

February 1 - Osaka Area

P-day got rushed, so this email will be short, sorry! 
I am still in Ibaraki! I only have one transfer left after this one, so it will be interesting to see what happens. I love it here though, and we teach a lot, so I'm really happy. I got a new companion, Salisbury Shimai. She's really blonde, and a big anime fan. It was her birthday last week, so we went to the Pokemon store (hence, no time)

Because of the above mentioned, for the first half of the week not much work got done. The standards have changed in the mission, we now transfer without a companion. But my companion was sick, so I went to pick her up. So, for the first time in a year I was alone for about 3 hours. It was weird, but also not that weird.

No time. Love you guys. 

February 8 - Osaka Area

(So this week, Kylie's sister Elsie received her call to Japan Sendai mission leaving June 1.  We were so eager to hear Kylie's response.)

Crazy! Japan! I never thought it would happen! Psyched! I guess I'll only overlap for a month with Elsie, but happy to stay around her! :)

This week has flown by! We had a surprising experience last week while housing a bit. One lady actually answered her door, and so we scrambled to introduce ourselves in the best freindly missionaries-that-you-want-to-talk-to voices that we have. The first thing she said was "I'm Buddhist". The second thing she said was "please come in"
Her and her husband were about to eat dinner. So they gave us some dinner and listened to our message. They didn't seem super impressed, but made a second appointment. Yeah! :)

Other than that, we had a BUNCH of investigators come to church, went to one of the fanciest sushi restaurants I've ever seen, and I got sick for a day.
Love you guys!

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